The Traveler


 At heart, the works are landscapes, although not all may appear to be so at first.  They are simplified views of our natural world, geographically ambiguous in their abstracted state.   I feel a connection to these places that are anywhere and everywhere, and that connection feels like home.  The compositions reflect my embrace of minimalism, and with each new body of work I find myself gravitating toward ever increasing simplicity.  That simplification cultivates comfort and clarity as it allows the mind to rest in an otherwise overstimulating world.  Yet the simplicity is deceptive.  When closely engaged with each piece, hundreds of subtle hand sewn stitches emerge.  The minimal nature of the landscapes may appear lonely and isolated, but the evidence of careful labor in the stitches conjures an intimacy that suggests otherwise. The result is a simplified, abstracted image that is not cold, but provides a tender connection to an unknown location.

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